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Born Jordan Freiwald on 22 October 1992 in Homburg Germany, Jordan grew up in a
large family and was the second son of three children. Jordan spent most of his childhood
around the Kaiserslautern area and was exposed to music by his family from a very young
age paving the road for his current profession. His talent as not only as a singer but an
entertainer was recognized by Jordans family and friends from early on.


Even at the early age of three years old The stage was a familiar place for Jordan.
Taking every opportunity presented to perform and display his talents. Jordan
was the life of the event at every family and social gathering. Jordan would even
perform in the early mornings while he family was getting ready for the day ahead.

Jordan's family supported him in all of his activities, and always motivated him to be the best that
he can be. They even set a room aside in the house with a sound system and recording equipment
for Jordan so he could rehearse undisturbed. Through a lot of personal initiative Jordan managed
to finally connect with Fat Vibes Musik and get in the studio in Offenbach Germany.

Jordan's first album is still in production, but Jordan will be releasing video clips and teasers
through his social media. If all goes well Jordan will be able to release his first whole album
by early 2014. The Music video for his debut single "Run Away" has been around since January
2014 and is now available for purchase on iTunes since 10 March 2014 and over 270 other
download platforms on 07 April 2014.